The Manly Mondays Series: What Men Want Women To Know

Everyone that thinks you’re ugly lives inside your head. 

It’s surprising to me that the most powerful force tearing down women are women themselves. In most animal species the male is the most beautiful. He has the most vivid coloring and seems to be designed form over function. This is where humans are polar opposite–the females of our species are the most colorful, graceful, and considered by both sexes to be the beautiful form of the two. So why is it that you’re the only person that doesn’t think you’re beautiful?

Women go through the hardest changes and the most difficult and important of human processes–child birth. You are the most important part of us. If there is one thing all men will agree on is that the only ugly part of a women is her self image and jealousy of what other women have. The crazy irony is that those women you’re jealous of feel the same way about what you have. Worst of all you tear each other down about the things that make you beautiful to try and feel better about yourself. We are all different for a reason, we need to embrace this instead of wanting what someone else has.

 A wise person once said the grass is only greener on the other side because you don’t give enough love to your own yard. 

 If you have curly hair you want it straight, if it’s straight you want it to have more body. If you have beautiful curves you want to be stick thin, and if you’re skinny you lust after the bigger woman’s bosom. Stop the crazy, please! I like different things for different reasons, all men do. We do not have one type of car, one color, one tool, or one type of pet. There is no women that has everything all men want. There is however at least one special person in this world that thinks you’re perfect, even with what you see as flaws. Most of my favorite things have some scars, scratches, dents, and other memories that make them extra special to me. When I’m working on something I use my tools because I like them, I chose them. Our favorite things are not the shiny new or different but the familiar and comforting things we know we can rely on. We know what we like, so stop telling us you hate the little parts we love so much. Stop hating yourself.

You’re beautiful and you can & have done amazing things.

Sorry for ranting but someone needed to level with you and say, “We hate it when you do that”!

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