The Montessori Bedroom Part 2

The Montessori Bedroom Part 2

In March, my husband and I made quite a few changes to our son’s room, so that it would follow more of the Montessori teachings. To see how we started, check out The Montessori Bedroom Part 1. This past weekend, we went a few steps further and his room is now the coolest one in the house! After an extremely long trip to Ikea, we made two passes through the store, we headed home from Austin, put the toddler to bed, and began assembling all his new furniture. We got the bulk of the work done by 2 a.m. and finished small details like wall storage the next day. Ikea’s green wall containers are incredible! We are using them in a variety of ways such as holding his easily misplaced socks, keeping the cloth diapering supplies that I need out of reach, holding his supervised-only art supplies, as a place in his kitchen space for extra food, and as his night stand. I highly recommend this product due to its versatility, price point, and ease of use.

5 ways to use Ikea's-1

The reading nook is very much the same except we removed a few stuffed animals to take away clutter and I moved his car rug out in exchange for his foam alphabet blocks.

Cozy up

After not being happy with his crib or toddler bed, we had moved him to the floor, but that wasn’t ideal either! We sucked it up and purchased a new toddler bed that extends to a full twin! Combined with a memory foam extendable mattress and wooden slats, it’s an awesome bed! We also purchased two under-bed storage compartments. They hold tons of stuff and hid out of sight, so it’s a win-win! Another bedtime win is our new nightlight. It’s soft, kid-safe, and has the longest rechargeable battery life I’ve ever seen (so far 14+ hours unplugged). The SPOKA LED Night Light doesn’t heat up and has its plug-in covered, so it doesn’t pose any danger to your child. In fact, they could even sleep with it in their bed. We use it all night long and then plug it back into the wall charger in the morning.

Extendable Toddler Bed


Logan has never slept thru the night in his own bed and I’ve searched high and low for ways to make his bed more comfy, cozy, and enjoyable. I thought that the bed canopy leaf was a nice touch. Even if it doesn’t help him stay in bed, it adds color to his room and is all around fun.

Our “learn to jump” rug is a great addition to his room as it allows him to practice skills he’s learning at The Little Gym. His kitchen has plenty of practical application since he already loves to cook as well as encouraging imagination and parallel play with another adult.We have various types of balls to support his gross motor skills along with his tent and tunnel.


Add subtitle textOne thing that Logan’s previous room design lacked was an art station. My husband is a fantastic artist whereas I get by only alright, so I really want to hone our little guy’s art skills. It was important to me that he have art supplies readily available to him since I want to adhere to Montessori standards and give him that independence. However, the supplies couldn’t be anything that would cause a giant mess for me later. The best decision for all parties involved was to leave crayons and paper on the desk while putting paints, chalk, and pens on the wall shelf. As you can see in the picture, I placed a note pad and a cat container full of all kinds of crayons for his use anytime.

The special addition to Logan’s room came from his Daddy as an early birthday present. Our son has loved cars since he was old enough to say the word. He has also adored the train sets that you see in Barnes and Nobles kid section. While in Ikea, the two of them stumbled upon the perfect train set, so we impulse bought it all! To have our whole train set you’ll need these three pieces: the starter kit, the 12 piece kit, and the extra tracks.


If I had to say, the idea of a Montessori room for Logan all started with a closet. Up until this point, we had a dresser that wasn’t very safe and didn’t allow Logan access to his own clothing. I want him to have more input into his day-to-day wardrobe, so a low-hanging bar was crucial to the plan. I attempted to purchase a closet from Ikea online, but decided the only way to know if it would work was to go in person. Thank goodness we did because I discovered you could purchase the STUVA System frame WITHOUT the doors. We absolutely do not need doors for a toddler closet. In fact, having them would be like inviting more problems into our life. I’m 100% pleased with our closet set-up. The extra gadgets we needed for storage in the closet were two wire baskets and one clothes rail. Logan has access to his clothes while the cloth diapering items and various miscellaneous things such as swim suits stay out of reach in the baskets. I’m using four packs of the children’s multi-colored hangers.

by the water

 A couple of honorable mentions from our Ikea trip include:

Giant Bear Stuff Animal (Pictured on the bed)


Children’s Mirror (Above Logan’s Nightstand)



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