The perfect pillow for the kid who won’t leave your bed…and also for those who sleep alone.

*I received these products free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

We’re still cosleeping.

I’m saying this with a mixture of defeat, acceptance, & general I don’t give a flying…well, you know. This reaction comes from four years of trying to boot this kid outta our bed, and eventually it got to the point where we were all, “Let’s just let it happen and move on.”

So, we cosleep. With two kids in our king size bed. Little man on one side up against a safety rail, baby girl next to him in her DockATot, & then me, & my husband. [Side note for those of you wondering about DockATot. We have used it every day since it arrived, and you can see my full review here.]

It’s…cozy. And, if I’m being 100% honest, judgment of others be ignored, most of the time I love our snuggly bed. I like the security of having my babies nearby and safe. It’s reassuring especially after some of the health issues we’ve dealt with in these kid’s short lives.

And if I’m not kicked all night long, I can go with the flow because I know it won’t be forever. They won’t always be little. They won’t always look to me for comfort. They won’t always need us to keep them safe at night. We all know these days will pass in the blink of an eye and I’ll end up missing them, so I try to enjoy them now.

Due to obvious space constrictions, and his own personal preference, he never really slept on a pillow. It doesn’t bug me if it works for him, but he loves rockets & dinosaurs, so when I saw the pillow case from Zack & Ali with outer space on it, I knew he’d dig it.

It’s small enough to be on our bed with everyone & two adult pillows yet large enough that he can toss & turn to his heart’s content without falling off.

Sometimes he uses it as a body pillow and who am I to judge because I like extra back support myself.

The organic pillow itself is, what I consider, the perfect amount of fill, and is soft with no lumps. The GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Pillow Case is awesome, too. Soft, cool to the touch, & ideal for warm summer nights (300 days of the south Texas calendar). It also washes like a dream.

The pillow hangs out in our bedroom, but the next road trip we take, it’s coming with. It’s a travel-friendly pillow if ever there was one.

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