The Reconnect

Not that you were counting, but some of you may have noticed that I took a month-long hiatus. I should start with, it wasn’t intentional, but it should’ve been.

Yesterday my husband asked me, “Hey, do you blog anymore?”

I quipped back, “Not this month.”

Honestly, I was fifteen days into not having blogged at all when I noticed I hadn’t done anything. No giveaways, no personal sharing, nada. Up until this month, Eric had been working till one a.m. every night giving me ample time to work on unfinished blog posts, edit photos, and email with businesses while the baby slept. Then Eric’s schedule changed and he was getting off at 9:30 p.m., which meant we could have dinner together and spend a couple hours unwinding while little man slept without me having to worry about staying up too late. Especially since I was bound to be up at seven a.m. with the little guy.

Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Eric’s later work schedule had put a strain on our marriage–we have pretty good conflict resolution–but it had definitely had us both losing our cool more quickly due to exhaustion and never being able to check in with each other. We were basically keeping opposite hours. He’d come home when I was asleep and I’d wake up hours before him. It sucked. Plain and simple. That’s why I was so overjoyed when his schedule was revised and why I ultimately stopped blogging. He was home and I chose him over this blog.

Obviously, family is more important than blogging, but I had gotten so into it and devoted so much time in my effort to make this blog known and seen that my husband was feeling a little abandoned.

Stepping back meant that I missed some awesome October opportunities, but I’m also feeling refreshed and ready to jump back in. Plus, my husband and I have totally reconnected! We have so much fun together and it was nice to really focus on us as a couple. I think we needed that.

Plus, being so unplugged helped me hone new skills. Instead of standing in front of a computer, I learned how make delicious sandwich bread from scratch, no machines. Blog post about it here; as it is both tasty and fun to make. 😉 

All in all, my mini-blogcation was much needed and I learned how to better balance everything–being a mom, being a wife, and still having a little something for myself.

Not to mention an amazing first Halloween and super fun trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

But now I’m back! And I’m thinking November is going to be a month to be thankful.

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