The Semi Crunchy Mama Giveaway & dōTERRA Essential Oils Review

I hadn’t even had dōTERRA oils for a week before they became apart of our everyday life–thank you, thank you, thank you to The Semi Crunchy Mama for providing our introductory kit. We love them so much that we just expanded our collection and I’ve become a wellness advocate myself!
Eric’s Uses:

  • Eric has taken to adding Peppermint EO to his water for flavor and for a pick me up. It keeps him alert at work when he works long/late hours. Another alternative is adding lemon or a mix of both. 
  • He has also used Peppermint to brush his teeth. He said, “My mouth has NEVER been so fresh, but it did burn a little.” If you don’t want to go to that hardcore extreme, dilute in water & pair with Lemon EO to give you a cleaner mouth and fresher breath. 
  • Adding a few drops of Lemon EO on his bar soap for his morning shower. The smell really helps to wake him up.
  • Using Lemon EO to help get rid of those stubborn price labels on glass.
My Uses:
  • I use Peppermint EO to help ease nausea, to help with headaches, and if I want a little scent, but don’t wish to use perfume.
  • I have loved adding Lemon EO to my water. It gives the water a very crisp & clean flavor. Housekeeping Tip: Remember to only use EOs in stainless steel or glass bottles! EO’s breakdown plastic and those toxins will end up in your water.
  • If you’re a busy parent, like I am, you’ve probably forgotten your laundry in the washer overnight. You know that funky smell that you encounter when you open the lid? Lemon EO will get rid of it!

Logan’s Uses:

  • My favorite oil for  Logan is Lavender. He is a very active child, so a little bit of Lavender on the bottom of his feet helps us get him to calm down. 
  • Lavender EO is also great for treating his bug bites. It takes the swelling way down and helps them heal without scarring.
  • Although Logan has never had a fever, having Peppermint EO on hand when you have children is great because it can help relieve fever. 
  • We also use Lemon in Logan’s shoes to eliminate odor. It works like a charm!

What We’re Looking Forward To Trying:

  • Adding a drop of lemon to honey during cold season for sore throat relief.
  • Using Peppermint to curb our appetite.
  • Trying the famous ‘Owie’ Spray–a perfect combination of oils to help heal cuts & scrapes.
  • Using it aromatically to relive stress and ease moods. We should have a our first diffuser by the end of the month!

I’m so glad that Marissa, wellness advocate & known on social media as The Semi Crunchy Mama, got my family started with dōTERRA. I love that we are continuing to build our collection and we’re hoping to move away from medicines and start using more oils for healing.

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And because The Semi Crunchy Mama is so AWESOME, here’s a giveaway–#twomamasteamup!! Please share with your #essentialoil loving or curious friends!

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