Raising Zola Breastfeeding Shirt — Part One ((The Serena))

Finding cute clothes to breastfeed in is always a pet peeve of mine. I need to be able to get dressed quickly feel good about myself & have the ability to breastfeed in public because I’m a mom of two tiny humans. It’s a tall order, and when our son was little, one I often could not fill. I ended up sacrificing fashion for function and I hated it because I didn’t like the way I looked. It definitely impacted my self-esteem. With baby girl, I’m all about fashion and function working in tandem. I share my everyday outfits that I promise are easy to put together and look great on. I’ve feature two of Raising Zola’s shirts already in my mama outfit line-up, but even though I use the (retired) Amy on a weekly basis, I think The Serena just knocked it out of first place!

The Serena’s cut is fabulous! It also comes in four gorgeous colors. While I’d normally opt for black, I couldn’t resist this teal! It fits in so well with colors I already own and pairs perfectly with jeans. It just feels Fall/Winter to me. It also fits true to size. I’m typically a small and the small fits great! If you prefer less fitted, I definitely think sizing up would be a good choice, too. 

While initially I was worried about not liking the open sleeve, it has turned out to be one of the features I really adore. Since Fall has decided to take its sweet time coming to Texas, having “ventilation” means I can rock long-sleeves without succumbing to heatstroke. 

Honestly, I cannot get enough of this shirt! It’s soft, pretty, and I just adore the flow. I feel wonderful when I’m wearing it and my husband likes it, too. What could be better?

How about how easy it is to breastfeed in and no one will know. Seriously. You cannot tell. The side panel under the arm is so discreet and yet so simple to access! When baby K was latched, you couldn’t even tell. 

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Teething jewelry featured in my outfit comes from BayBee Boutique. Use my F&F discount code 0816FF32 for 15% off your order!

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*I’m a brand rep/enthusiast for Raising Zola and Baybee Boutique, but all opinions expressed are my own.*

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