The Snot Rocket

The NoseFrida is fondly referred to in our house as ‘The Snot Rocket’. My husband gave it the name and I continued using it. We do this a lot. I’m sure Logan is going to think we’re so weird! Hopefully fun, but weird.

We have used two different nasal aspirators since Logan was born. The first was BabyComfyNose, which I ordered off Amazon while I was still pregnant. We loved it! But then it got boiled when I was sterilizing bottles and this ill-fated event caused the body to not close right. Total fail.

I had seen The NoseFrida as another great option and decided to try it instead of replacing our BabyComfyNose. I must say, we like both. It’s a matter of personal preference, but both get the job done! I keep BabyComfyNose in our diaper bag because in a pinch, I can force it back together. I’d say the pros for BabyComfyNose are that it’s easier to clean and it’s smaller. But we love having actual filters for our NoseFrida instead of stuffing a tissue into the barrel of BabyComfyNose. Either way though, every parent needs a nasal aspirator that is NOT a blue bulb syringe. Seriously, do not use those. If you don’t believe me, get on Google and look at some of the pictures people have posted after cutting one open. Let’s just say, you cannot clean them well enough! Yuck!

When Logan was really new and squishy, he got a super bad cold. One of the things that helped the most was BabyComfyNose. We couldn’t give him anything to dry him up, but at least we could help him breathe easier. Then I killed BabyComfyNose. Whoops.

Enter NoseFrida. The second cold Logan had was just a couple weeks ago. We’re talking that really nasty, thick green goo leaking out of your kids nose. He hated us wiping his nose with tissues. To paint a picture it took two people holding him down and you were still at risk of getting scratched or kicked. That kind of hate for tissues. He wasn’t going down without a fight. Now he shreds tissues into tiny pieces anytime he gets near them and I’m pretty sure that’s him enacting his revenge. So instead of battling to the death everytime we needed to wipe his nose ( A LOT!) we turned to our trusty nasal aspirator, he tolerated it better, not great, but better. And instead of just wiping away what was out of his nose, we could actually pull out the snot and free up his nasal passage. Better breathing equals better nursing! And our breastfeed baby loves to breastfeed when he is feeling poorly. So win for the NoseFrida!

Now, something I hear very often is that it’s gross to use a nasal aspirator. Seriously? Come on. Your kid can’t breathe, help them! (And because you’re an awesome parent, I know you will!) The ick factor really isn’t a big deal because you do not, I repeat DO NOT, get snot in your mouth. So stop worrying about that. Plus, if you’re a parent I’m sure you’ve cleaned up a massive poop blowout. Now, that is gross. If you can handle that, you can handle this! Also, I’m not judging if you think it’s gross. I can see why the concept seems nasty. So I’m coming down off my soap box now. I’m squeamish about other things, so no room to judge. So to recap, it’s not gross. It’s not as bad as what you’re thinking. Trust me, nothing can be grosser than the mold that builds up in the blue bulb syringe!

I highly, highly recommend a nasal aspirator! Every new parent should have one!

Also, who can tell me what cloth diaper I used as a back drop for the NoseFrida? Post the answer in the comments below and share it on The Mama Journey Facebook Page!

Plus, don’t forget to go buy your new BabyComfyNose at Kiwi Baby Shop (affiliate link)! Or go buy your new NoseFrida at Go Baby Go!

Happy Thursday y’all!

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