The Wooly Truth Series: Lanolizing

I received my first piece of wool for Logan at his birthday this past weekend! I’m so excited! It’s seriously like a present for me–poor Logan. The pair of shorties came wrapped and perfectly made by a friend and awesome WAHM, Destani, owner of Truly Charis. I cannot get enough of this blue color. Beautiful, right?

I was way too dog-tired last night after the party and the clean-up (next year someone else is handling the birthday party business) to even think about trying to lanolize the shorties. But, this morning when I woke up, I was ready to get going. Thank god for sleep! I contacted Destani for lanolizing instructions, which I will now step by step share with you!

First, I got my sink filling up with hot water. It takes a little while to heat up so I gathered the rest of my items: lanolin, the shorties, and a hand towel. My favorite part of this whole process is I get to repurpose all of my lanolin that I didn’t use for nursing! I’m beyond glad it won’t go to waste. And I’ve got enough last me quite awhile since you only need a pea size amount. So, once my sink had filled with hot water, I put a pea size drop on my finger and went to work adding it to the water. It took a little bit but it melted off my finger and starting dissolving in the hot water.

Next, I added cold water to my hot water in order to cool the water down. According to Destani, I needed it to be somewhere in between warm and tepid. I filled the sink with a little too much water, so I’d couldn’t add enough cold to cool the water off significantly. Instead, I had to just wait for it to cool off.

I waited a few minutes and when I checked back I discovered a bunch of my water had drained out! But I noticed that the lanolin was still on top, so I just added my water–a mix of hot and cold this time– to make it the right temperature. Finally, I was ready to soak. I dunked the wool in with my finger tips and pressed down for a few seconds. Then I left it to soak for 30 minutes. Destani said 15-30 minutes, but I opted for the longer time.

Once the time was up, I checked back again, and saw that the wool had soaked up a ton of the water! I grabbed my blue hand towel and laid the shorties on top. Then I went to work rolling the shorties up to remove all the excess water. When that was done, I laid them flat to dry.

After about an hour, I rolled them up in a towel again just to help them dry more quickly. They’re still a little damp this morning, so I’m going leave them in the bathroom and I think/hope they’ll be dry in time for bedtime tonight!

I’m feeling pretty good about myself because they don’t feel sticky which would’ve meant I used too much lanolin. And, they don’t have white spots, which would’ve meant that I didn’t have my water hot enough to dissolve the lanolin. I’m very hopeful that my first try at lanolizing was so successful. I guess I won’t really know till I try them out, but I’m really looking forward to trying them over one of our fitteds!

Wool is so fascinating! And, if this does work out well, very easy to use. I’m very glad I’ve jumped on the wool train!

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