The Wooly Truth Series: The Benefits of Wool Covers

I’ve got to be upfront and say, I didn’t think I’d use wool for Logan. Now that I’ve researched it and love what other moms have been telling me about the benefits, I’m going to get wool covers for Logan! Call me converted!

Not too mention, I’m so over trying to stretch my covers over my fitted diapers. It’s a hassle. Especially since the only covers that work really well for this purpose are my Flip covers and I don’t always want to use those at bed time. They’re too cute not to be worn out and about!

So here we go, the reasons mom’s are raving about wool:

1.) Cool in the summer, warm in the winter!
2.) Great for staying dry all night long!
3.) Great for staying dry all day! Use wool as clothes over a fitted diaper during the day!
4.) Easy to prep! Just wash and lanolize!
Some helpful mamas suggested doing your prep like this: 

  1. Mix the Lanolin with the Eucalon wash.
  2. Swish in a sink full of warm water and add the cover. 
  3. Gently press down on the wool until wet.
  4. Let it soak for at least 15 minutes. 
  5. Squeeze out the extra water and then roll in a large towel and press.
  6. Let air dry.

That’s it! Once it’s dry, you’re ready to grab a fitted and go to town!

5.) Wool is old school!
6.) Natural fibers are great! Who wouldn’t want something natural against baby’s sensitive skin? In fact, I’ve read and heard that wool can help clear up eczema that may have been caused by other fibers.
7.) It breathes much better than a PUL cover which helps keep skin from getting too moist and causing diaper rash.
8.) You can use them for like two weeks without washing! Yes, you read that right! Now what mama doesn’t want to lighten her washing load? (Obviously, if there is a poop disaster, that is another story.)
9.) You don’t have to lanolize every time you wash! If you start having leaks, it’s time to lanolize again.
10.) You can decorate wool with your own patches!

11.) Breastfeeding Mamas: You can use your left over lanolin to lanolize! I’ve got a bunch I’m not using for nursing purposes anymore and I’m so excited I can re-purpose it instead of the lanolin going to waste.

So, it’s wooly up to you? To wool or not to wool? Oh yeah, I went there.

Do you love wool? Do you hate it? Why? Comment below! Share with your friends!

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