There is No Spoon! ((NumNum Inc Review))

We’re doing this introducing solids thing totally different for baby #2! Besides her temperament being completely different from big brother since she doesn’t have acid reflux and has a huge interest in eating, we’re also not using traditional spoons. I’ve had my eye on NumNum GOOtensils for awhile now and I’m so glad for the opportunity to work with them because I think they are perfect for new eaters. 

The silicone makes them great for numming on and the texture also allows purees to stick to the utensil guranteeing food reaches the mouth. The short handle allows babies to feed themselves even at 6 months old! Since you’re not worrying about keeping food on a tiny spoon, there really is no right or wrong to it.

One really cool thing I’ve noticed is baby girl wants to do it herself. She reaches for her GOOtensils, she keeps trying until she gets it in her mouth, and she keeps coming back for more. 

The stage one GOOtensil is ideal for new eaters and thinner purees since it has no open space in the center. It also makes an awesome teether. When K is having a really tough teething day, she loves to chew on it.

The stage two GOOtensil is perfect for thicker purees and, hilariously enough, is K’s favorite because of the bright alluring orange.

Starting our son on solids was really stressful and he really didn’t do much eating at all prior to his first birthday. This time around it is a lot more fun. Baby girl is enjoying trying new flavors and I’m looking forward to some newfound independence for both of us. The better she does with solids, the closer the husband and I get to a date night!

I’m thrilled to be apart of the NumNum Revolution! 

Join the revolution & get your GOOtensils on NumNum’s website!

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*NumNum sponsored this post, but all opinions expressed are my own.*

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  1. So cool! I’m going to check those out for my little one. I agree with you though, we’re doing so many things different with our second baby than we did with our first and introducing solids was definitely one of them!

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