Toddler Activity Book

We made many of our Christmas presents this year. It was due to both monetary restraints and also an effort to focus more on the meaning of the season.  My labor of love this year was Logan’s activity book, which took me about a month’s time to complete. I did a lot of handwork, cutting, & basting along with using the sewing machine and ultimately trying out the Serger for the first time. I both love and hate this machine.

Originally, I took to Pinterest for ideas: layout, fabric, size, pages, etc. I pinned like a crazy lady. It’s such a great resource for doing anything creative, and I definitely used the heck out of it. While my pages are similar to others out there, I really liked that each page became my own as I used materials that Logan’s Grandma already had available and tailored it to fit my son’s interests; often with help from my super creative husband.

Here is my final product!

In the end, I added a handle for good measure. I’m pretty sure it’s one of Logan’s favorite parts.

Not to be overshadowed by my book because it was also a bunch of hard work, my husband’s labor of love for our little guy was Logan’s cane. He is absolutely obsessed with his Great-Grandfather’s cane, so Eric made him a tiny one of his own. It’s precious. So, if there are any wood-working husbands and papas out there, consider this as a gift idea for toddlers. Who knew?

Oh! If you’re curious, check out what I made for my sister!

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