Top 5 Things for a Beach Trip with Littles 

I’ve now reached a glorious age where I need a vacation from my vacation. It’s a weird feeling arriving home simultaneously exhausted and yet refreshed. And, oh dear god, the piles of laundry. I didn’t even bother to unpack when we got home because I wasn’t ready for the chaos. It’s amazing how two adults and two small children going out of town requires so much stuff. I have dirty clothes laundry, clothes we never even touched laundry, and laundry that didn’t get done before we left. I woke up early, got started immediately, and I’m still not done, so I thought the best thing I could do was take a break and blog about the top 5 things you’ll want at the beach with you when tiny humans are coming along. Seriously, this list has been thoroughly tested.

1. Sunscreen.

We buy the really awesome “won’t give you cancer while protecting you from cancer” sunscreen. Find it here. The only downside is this sunscreen tends to come in smaller tubes, so make sure you stock up. After 5 days of slathering it on quite liberally, we were scrambling to find a tube that you could squeeze, roll, and pound really hard to get any out.

Honorable mention: Badger After Sun Balm for if you don’t properly sunscreen in advance. *cough my husband cough* Seriously though, it healed his wicked burn almost overnight.

2. Multiple Bathing Suits.

Clearly it goes without saying that if you’re going swimming with your kids, you’re bringing a bathing suit for your kids, but I’m going to recommend 2-3 suits. With kids under five there just so many things that could go wrong and depending on where you’re vacationing they might not be easily replaced. Plus, we preferred to switch off every other day and give the wet suit ample time to dry.

My preference for our kids is long sleeve sun shirts so that we know their arms are protected. I found this to be especially valuable for our 5 month old who was less than thrilled to be soaked in susnscreen every day.

3. Snacks.

Toddlers are ALWAYS hungry. It’s a void you just can’t fill. While I prefer to make snacks and meals from scratch, for our beach trip I purchased individual packages of peanut butter crackersapple sauce pouches, and small juice boxes. Best idea ever. They were easy to keep on hand for beaching bumming and fishing. Plus, he could self-serve.

4. First Aid Kit+.

Blisters. Jelly fish stings. Crab attacks –seriously a crab took a piece of my heel! Sun burn. Mosquito bites. Chapped/cracked lips. Just a few of the things that can go wrong when on a beach trip. Good things to take with you: waterproof bandaids, hydrogen peroxide, coconut oil, Neosporin, aloe vera, an essential oil kit especially with peppermint and lavender, & a good lip balm or two or three. Truly, I was reapplying quite often after being outside all day everyday. 

5. Diapers/Underwear.

You can’t have too many. Okay, well, you can, but I’d err on the side of caution. We’re towards the end of potty training our toddler, but I still made sure to bring 2 pairs of underwear for each day we were going to be gone plus a few extra I threw in at the end stages of packing. Luckily, he did awesome and we had plenty of underwear left over, but it could have just as easily gone the other way. Oh, we also kept him in underwear under his swim trunks. It was a comfort thing primarily and it worked out well.

For little girl, I ditched our cloth because I didn’t want to do any laundry on vacation; and instead, we took two packs of Bambo Nature disposables. They were awesome, I even used them for swimming and overnight with no leaks, and we ended up having one complete pack left over for another trip in the future. 

What’s your list for hitting the beach with the kids? Favorite easy snacks? Do you tend to overpack (🖑) or travel light? Leave your answers and some love in the comments. 

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    1. We live 3 hours from this one and it is a bit of a stretch with the 6 month old unless we hit the sweet naptime spot and she sleeps most of the way. Otherwise baby screams. but beach days are wonderful!

    1. I hope you can do a beach trip someday soon! It was such a blast! My daughter was a tad young, but our three year old didn’t want to come home! Lol

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