Tree of Life Breastfeeding Photos (The Booby Monster Series) 

For those of you who have been following me for years now (Thank you a million times over!!), you know my original logo was a tree created by my extremely talented & just all-around wonderful husband. 

When I saw all these beautiful tree of life breastfeeding pictures with the roots from mom’s breast to the leaves on baby, I could not resist using this incredible image that my friend Kaitlyn (Kaityln Scruggs Photography) captured for me during World Breastfeeding Week and making a photo of my own with my old logo. It just felt like kismet that I happen to have my very own transparent tree to use! 

Here are the final results!

And one of my little man when he was so small because he was the first afterall. Photo credit: Memories By The Smile

To make your own, a fellow blogger has the PERFECT tutorial! Make sure to share yours with the hashtags #normalizebreastfeeding & #treeoflife — I’d also love it if you’d tag me @themamajourney so I can see all your lovely pictures. ❤

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