Truly Charis Size Considerations for New Babies (Newborn vs Extra-Small)

Just like pretty much everything else to do with babies, there is quite a bit of guess-work that goes into picking the right size for a wool piece for a new baby. Since there is never a guarantee on when your little one will make their appearance, never-mind how big they’ll be when they do, you just have to make an educated guess.

We didn’t cloth diaper my son until he was 9 months old and we didn’t start using Truly Charis Wool Interlock Diaper Covers until after his 1st birthday, so I didn’t have a great baseline for what size to get our daughter except to go off of little man’s birth size. He was born at 37 weeks 5 days weighing 6lbs, 12oz & 21 inches long. NB would’ve been the perfect size for him. Still, I was hesitant to only have NB items in my line-up for little girl, and thank goodness for that because she came out at 41 weeks 2 days weighing 9lbs, 11oz & 19 inches long. The NB Soaker fit her really well for the first couple weeks, but when I upgraded her to the Truly Charis Heavy Wetter Fitted Diaper–amazing how much such a small person can pee–, the NB soaker became challenging to pull over the fluffy diaper. This is not to say it didn’t fit, but I didn’t like jostling little girl so much to pull the NB soaker up. Shortly after, I pulled out the XS soakers and haven’t looked back. I can pull them up easily during a diaper change and I know we have quite a few months of growth potential left.

Below is little girl at 12lbs, 1.5 months old in both her NB & XS soaker for comparison.NB Soaker vs xs soaker

However, I would highly recommend getting the leggings in NB. I will not be sizing little girl’s up anytime soon. They still have plenty of length to go. To make your investment last longer, you could consider getting NB size, but adding an extra inch to the rise for even longer use.

NB Leggings

I purposely got her Bubbles and Skirtie in XS. I knew that I wanted them for later on in her development as outfit pieces to pair with shirts once she’s bigger and more mobile. If you know that you want any item for further out, I do recommend sizing up. You never know if you might be able to use them right away. Like her bubbles pictured below, they fit well albeit a tiny bit baggy, I still think they look adorable and they do the job keeping baby dry. The same concept works with the skirtie, also pictured below.

XS Bubbles

XS Skirtie

As you can see, a lot of getting the “right” size of wool depends on your personal preference. Do you want room to grow? Do you want things to fit like a glove? Are you planning to keep one piece of wool as long as possible or would you prefer to buy, sell, & trade as your child grows? These are important points to consider when placing your order with Truly Charis.

Also, I just placed an order for S (small) gray leggings and when I receive those I’ll update this post to show you how they fit on little girl plus give you an update on her weight and height. I’m imagining they’ll be quite big on her, but if they’re only too long, I might cuff them and use them like that.

On another note, if anyone is interested, I can do a post showing how our various Truly Charis fitted diapers look on little girl, too.

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