Two Years

Happy 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!

I cannot believe that it has already been two years since the day you were born. I will never be able to truly explain how much joy you’ve brought to so many people’s lives just by being you.

The past two years have been the most incredible of my life. Your presence has fundamentally changed me in ways I didn’t even know were possible.

Because of you, I see the world a different way. I see the world that I want for you, and I work hard to make that a reality.

Because of you, I’m stronger. I know now, that as a mom, I have no limits. I will do anything to keep you safe, make you happy, and show you you’re loved.

Because of you, your Daddy and I are even more in love. You show us the true meaning of happiness and family.

Because of you, there is always laughter in our lives. Your laugh is absolutely magically and highly contagious.

Because of you, I am more playful. I love to see the world through your eyes. You make every single moment more fun.


Because of you, I almost don’t mind being dragged out of bed before seven a.m. The sweet way you say my name as you ask me to come with you just melts my heart.

I look forward to all the years I get to watch you grow. The next development I’m most excited for is hearing you talk in full sentences. I can’t wait to see you reach more milestones and discover new skills. I’m soaking up every minute of our time together, so that when you grow up I can tell you all about your childhood, and someday, I can tell your children about their Dad.IMAG0689

You, little man, are the best thing Daddy and I have ever done. We love you to the moon and back!



P.S. Happy two years of breastfeeding! I love that we’ve been able to share this bond for so long and I can’t wait to celebrate our second Latch On SA together! <3

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