Ugly Mugwump Designs Organic Bum Balm Review

**Disclaimer: Ugly Mugwump Designs was kind enough to send this to me for review, but all opinions expressed here are my own.**

I’ve been looking at finding an alternative to my Babyganics diaper rash cream for quite some time now. But, since I still have some, I had been doing my best to finish off the tubes. I’ve honestly been pleased with the cream, but I’ve recently been hearing that they’re not as “organic” as one might think. Plus, I really wanted a balm that was made up of ingredients that I could both pronounce and that I used in my day-to-day life. At the very least, I wanted to have heard of them.

I was browsing Etsy a couple weeks ago and came across Organic Bum Balm. It only had eight ingredients and I knew all of them! And icing on the cake, the essential oils were my two favorites. Logan had been exposed to both of them already for treating various ailments (I.e. mosquito bites), so I felt confident that the balm wouldn’t react badly with his skin. Convinced this was the product for us, I contacted the owner of Ugly Mugwump Designs, Andrea, to see if she’d be interested in a review in exchange for product. I held my breath waiting to hear back–it didn’t take long and she said she’d be thrilled! I liked her immediately as she is a crunchy mama with an 11 month old and into all things green. You know fellow crunchy mamas speak to my soul. 
She must’ve dropped the Organic Bum Balm in the mail the next day because it was here before I knew it! Like I do with my products for review when they arrive, I photographed the business card & jar of balm. There is less chance of Logan destroying the product if I do this right away. But, it was the day of Logan’s birthday and I didn’t have time to open up the jar till later. Of course, my curious husband did this for me and almost got balm all over our bed. What was a solid balm (similar to coconut oil in the winter) was now closer to a liquid. Nothing is a match for this Texas heat! Coincidentally though, the balm works great at this consistency because it is easily spread on the hiney. I was fascinated that what starts as as golden in color in the jar, goes on the skin clear. This made me even more positive that it was perfect for this family because I had read just recently that staying away from thick white diaper creams is advisable. Not too mention, this seems WAY more cloth diaper safe to me!
As far as satisfaction with the product goes, I’m floored by how much I love it! It’s my new go-to for healing. I swear, any redness gets knocked out pretty immediately. Paired with our organic wipe solution, it’s a winning combination. I absolutely recommend this to every mama for their littles (and the not so littles), even the ones who have extra sensitive skin. 
Oh, and that phrase, “A little goes a long way…” is totally applicable here! I’ve used it a ton since receiving it last week, but I’m still only using the excess on the lid. Cool, huh?
In addition to using it to help relieve and ease redness, I also like to use it as preventative ‘medicine’ by putting it on Logan before I put on his nighttime diaper. It just helps to protect his little skin for the longest stretch of diaper-wearing. In a way, it repels the urine. 
I’ve also decided to use it this coming winter when my hands inevitably start breaking open around the knuckles. I’m positive it will be the perfect moisturizer.
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