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*I received this product free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

The very first thing you’ll notice about George & Georgette shoes is how cute and creative they are. The subtle differences between the two shoes are brilliant and yet understated. In fact, the designs are so on point that at first glance you might not notice them, but on closer examination they pop.

We let Logan pick his shoes. I’m a stickler for matching, but I’m an even bigger advocate for our son, which meant sucking it up and letting him get the pair he wanted. He gets to be who he is, my need for color coordination be damned. I honestly had no idea which style he would pick and for two full days he mulled over Jungle and Catfish until there was a clear winner.

The Best Parts:

They’re easily cleaned. First day out we took these shoes through mud, water, gravel, grass, & fresh soil. They were filthy and it wiped off like it never happened. Here’s a picture of them after all that muddy fun.

They’re roomy and comfortable. These shoes run slightly larger than average, but that just adds extra room to grow and doesn’t affect their functionality one bit. A great feature in my book since kids grow so quickly. Plus, these well constructed shoes have great traction! Uphill. Downhill. Jumping. Running. George & Georgette has your littles’ feet covered.

They keep little feet dry. Like I mentioned earlier, little man wore these shoes through puddles. Deep, deep puddles. We were so curious to see if his feet were dry upon our return inside and they were! Dry from the outside moisture, but they must also breathe quite well since his feet weren’t sweaty either and it was a humid, hot day out.

They help distinguish between right & left. Teaching your children the difference between their left and right foot has never been easier. Since the shoes have such distinguishing features, you can say, the cat goes on your right foot. The fish goes on your left. It’s brilliant!

I’m completely in love with these hard working shoes. They’re absolutely perfect. Honestly, baby girl isn’t quite crawling yet and I’m already excited to buy her a pair of City ones to go with big brothers!

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