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The only bottle you'll ever need*I received this product free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

Y’all, I’ve been searching for the holy grail of water bottles for a long time now. I honestly thought I had found it in the Life Factory water bottles. They are nontoxic & glass, but they don’t work for me on two counts. First, it doesn’t fit in every cup holder in my car. A small strike against it? Perhaps. But when there are four people in the car and six drinks, having to hold a water bottle in-between my feet so it doesn’t spill is less than ideal. This is why whenever I leave the house I leave it home and end up being unbelievably thirsty the whole time we’re gone. Second, while the lid you can drink out of is nice, it’s a luxury I can’t afford as a busy mom. I need a bottle that I can seal, throw in my diaper bag, and know the contents will still be dry hours later.

Enter Watrbotl! Recently launched, this company is revolutionizing portable beverage containers.The WatrBotl will keep hot beverages hot for 8 hours. Tried & true. I pushed it way past seven hours, left the lid off for a bit (whoops!), and that coffee was still warm. Superb! Ideal for parents who don’t get to drink their morning coffee till noon (or later) due to all the crazy that happens when watching littles! On the flip side, the WatrBotl will keep cold beverages cold for up to 24 hours! This baby is 16.9oz of double walled stainless steel. WatrBotl is designed to journey with you no matter the occasion or situation.

Here’s a beautiful scenario:
My husband is off work. I know we have hours worth of errands to run and I’ve already washed my blue WatrBotl in preparation for the day’s events. I know I’m leaving the house with hot delicious nutty coffee that will stay hot the entire time I want it to, but I love that once I finish my coffee, I can then rinse it out and use it for COLD water the rest of the trip.

I don’t have to worry about my water still tasting like a weaker version of my morning coffee because stainless steel doesn’t absorb odor like a plastic bottle does. I also don’t have to worry about my water getting hot in the car under the Texas heat or worry that nasty chemicals are leeching into my water as the sun bakes everything it touches.

If it wasn’t enough that I can use the bottle for hot or cold, the fact that the bottle seals completely allowing me to throw it into a bag with no fear of repercussions makes it a huge win! The WatrBotl, while being just 3oz smaller than my current bottle is much, much slimmer. I’m pretty darn positive it’ll fit in most any cup holder.Elevate & Hydrate

Then there is the really cool bonus feature in the form of a tiny, snap-in infuser tray. Use this little tray to make some loose leaf tea on the go or add fruit to it to liven up your water. Hell, add fruit, make lemonade, and mix them together–Yum!

Besides all that awesome mentioned above, WatrBotl is also committed to being eco-friendly even in their packaging. The wrapping that comes around their bottle doubles as a basil plant. Pot it, water it, give it love & light, and watch it grow!

Life is one crazy unexpected journey after another, and trust me, you’re going to want a WatrBotl along for the ride.

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