We Could All Use A Little FaithFuel ((Review)) #faithfuel

*I received these products free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

I found FaithFuel on Instagram and instantly knew they’d be one of our favorite companies! They are dedicated to raising awareness, and funds, for causes that are near & dear to my heart, so that was enough to hook me, but they also have amazing high quality products for the whole family. While they work towards growing their business with the end goal of all their garmets being made right here in USA, they already print in a completely water soluble & non-toxic way as well as design and print locally. FaithFuel also does their best to employ & contract with small families, so they not only support causes, but fellow small businesses, too. FaithFuel really practices what they preach!

My little family of four was lucky enough to receive FaithFuel products from each of their departments (men, women, children, & baby). We all got tees of our choice except for baby K who received TWO onesies. Both are precious and she rocks them.

Her “Dreams Realized” onesie will be forever ingrained in my mind as that is what she was wearing when she rolled from belly to back for the first time. It is also a stellar purple color and looks amazing when put on my little girl who has big baby blues. I particularly love this message because it’s not about her being pretty or something else superficial; but instead, it’s a great message about realizing & following your dreams, which is definitely something I want my children to do!

Both kids received a Retro Rainbow Stripe item. A tee for little man & a onesie for baby girl! Each piece is wonderful quality, vibrant in color, and soft. I really like the weight of our son’s shirt because it is a bit thicker than normal toddler shirts without being heavy or hot. It feels like it will hold up well against frequent washes and toddler shenanigans.

My tee featuring the phrase “I can & I will” is the positivity I need in my life. Being a mom can be such a draining, albeit extremely rewarding, job. I find that I have trouble making time just for me. The “I can & I will” that I’m working on is losing my pregnancy weight. I never made it back to my prefered size after the birth of our first child and I vowed to get into great shape once little girl was born. I want to be the healthiest I can be not just for me, but for my husband and our kids. They deserve it, which is why I designed one of my outfits with the tee to revolve around getting outside, exercising, & staying hydrated.

My husband’s anti-bullying shirt is perfect for him! Both in size and message. He recently started a new position and he is dedicated to being an advocate for his team. Building other people up is one of his main goals. He also likes that this shirt benefits the PACER’s National Bullying Prevention.


FaithFuel is a wonderful small business to support! We’re already planning our next family order. I’m thinking I may need some of their exercise clothing to go along with my resolution to get fit.

FaithFuel has kindly given a 20% off your order coupon code for my readers! Use: mamajourney20 at checkout.

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