We Love Babywearing!

Logan has been a needs-to be-held-always-baby or what I know fondly refer to as High Needs (HN) since the day he was born. In fact, the first night after the nurse put him in his little plastic crib he woke up and refused to sleep there. He slept in my arms all night long. I was quick to realize that you can’t get a lot done while carrying around a little baby. After all, you only have so many hands. I had ordered a My Baby Nest Organic Baby Carrier from Amazon while I was pregnant with Logan, but for whatever reason it turned out to be more of a pain in the rear that a helpful wrap. I’m not sure if it was too small or if I was too sleep deprived, but we just hated it. And I didn’t find it to be very supportive either. Plus, since it was snug on me, my husband who is quite a bit taller than me definitely couldn’t use it comfortably.
  We were getting to the point where we needed another option. I was desperate to be able to do things like cook a meal, wash some dishes, and do our laundry. It got rough there for awhile! Who knew we didn’t have as much underwear as we thought?! I bought our second baby carrier at HEB. Mainly out of sheer desperation and lack of money, I purchased a lower end narrow base carrier. It actually worked really well until my chunky little man really started getting heavy. Then the carrier didn’t work well at all. It made my back hurt. A lot. In addition to the fact the carrier was no longer working for us, I had been joining lots of natural parenting groups and slowly realizing that we needed to invest in a better carrier for all of us to be comfortable. 
I read review after review and the one brand I kept coming back to was Ergo Baby. They had an organic variation and it had a hip carry position (show to the right where I’m trying him on in store), which was really important to me. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was buying online without getting to see it in person first. We lucked out when Whole Earth Provision Co. in the Quarry happened to supply these carriers. I wanted the navy blue, but if we still wanted the organic fabric, they only had the brown available. So brown it was! I was against the color at first, but it didn’t take long for me to warm up to it. I was loving wearing Logan and he was loving it to! And the best part was my husband and I could both wear him with a fit tailored to our bodies. (My husband is pictured at the top wearing our son on a walking outing.)
My next snag came when I couldn’t figure out how to get Logan on my back by myself. And since I’m a stay at home mom, I’m by myself a lot. Wearing this toddler size baby on my front was starting to hurt my back and it was too hard trying to do things around him. Not to mention awkward and kind of comical. With a twist of fate, I found Kiwi Baby Shop (affiliate link) and met the owner. She just happened to be a certified babywearing instructor (lucky me!) and taught me how to get him onto my back safely and efficiently! It was amazing! I am now pretty good and trying to teach my husband how to do it, too. 
I have free use of my hands, Logan doesn’t cry because he isn’t getting left behind, and everyone is happier! This family loves babywearing and we hope you do to! 
Stay tuned because this summer I buying my first woven wrap and I’m sure that will be a great post and a heck of a learning curve! 
Oh, and did anyone notice we’re wearing Logan in a different position in each picture? 🙂 

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