We Love To Swim!

*We received this amazing opportunity for the kids to attend Love To Swim School in exchange for our honest review of their classes. As always all opinions are my own.*

We love to swim! 

Pretty much on a daily basis, our son asks us to go back to the beach. I’m not kidding, he loves it that much. He was just learning how to swim last October, but without a pool at home, he doesn’t swim regularly and therefore needs lots of practice. My husband and I are very deteremined to make sure both kids are strong swimmers for their safety and our peace of mind. 

Since neither kid has had lessons previously, they are starting at the beginning. Baby K is in Baby and Me 1 while Logan is in Preschool Level 1. While a parent goes in with K, little man goes in solo. This was a bit nerve wracking for us because he’s never been in school, so we weren’t sure how he’d react to being “away” from us and under the care of a new adult. 

So, I can honestly say, we thought his instructor did an incredible job! Especially having to wrangle three little kids and help them on their skills simultaneously. I’d see our son try to slip around her and her arm would snake out and pull him back. It was seriously cool to watch. Plus, it put us immediately at ease that she could handle our rambunctious toddler. I even had a moment when I wanted to reign him in, but realized his instructor had the situation well under control. It can be so hard to turn off parent mode sometimes. 

Little man had an amazing time in his first class and is already asking to go back. We are super pleased and hope he’ll make steady progress towards mastering skills like blowing bubbles underwater & being comfortable and relaxed enough to float on his back. When he can, he’ll complete his level 1 bracelet and have his first bell ringing celebration complete with a medal signifying his move up to Preschool Level 2. We love that he’s clearly enjoying himself and getting to have this experience at his own pace. There is absolutely no emphasis placed on the need to learn skills at the same time as classmates, and I value that mentality very much. It keeps the process educational, but pressure free, which is ideal for young children. Love To Swim School has cultivated a safe place for new swimmers.

Now, Baby K’s first class was also her teacher’s first solo class and she did a great job, too! Seriously, they are hiring quality people to teach your littles. The Baby and Me class is tons of silly fun. They sing songs while practicing bubble blowing, spider walking, and just general acclimating the little babies to the water. K, our stranger-danger kid, even let the instructor hold her and pass her over to her Daddy. 

Safe to say our first impression of Love To Swim School is quite positive! We are very much looking forward to the next four months of swim lessons and the opportunity to share our experiences with you! If you’ve been curious about the Love To Swim School, I highly recommend checking them out!

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  1. Looks like a fun swim class! I feel horrible because my two oldest do not know how to swim. I have got to get them in some lessons!

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