We Sell Mats Alphabet & Numbers Foam Blocks Review

My mom ordered We Sell Mats’ Alphabet & Numbers Interlocking Foam Floor Mat for Logan for his first birthday. I was really pleased with the quality as soon as we started using it. It was nice to have a softer surface for Logan to crawl around on in our bedroom because we have wood floors. Not the softest thing to fall on. We set up the mat in front of our bar/computer area, so that when my husband or myself was working on the Mac, Logan could play right next to us. As an added bonus, it was great for standing on!
One day my hubby, the creative genius, decided he was going to build cubes out of the blocks. He made at least six, stacked them all up, and let Logan play Godzilla! He absolutely loved it! We used the foam mat blocks like this for quite some time. I liked how easy they were to move out of the way, but they were always ready to go.
This past weekend, the foam block mats evolved again. Into this crazy box big enough hold Logan, complete with tunnel entrance.

Like I said, the hubs is a creative genius!

We had so much fun with this! Seriously, I’m pretty sure we lost two hours just building, playing in, destroying, and rebuilding this little box house. Logan fits in it just great. Eric and I not so much. So much so that Logan felt he had to go on a rescue mission to get us out. In my case, he climbed through the letter ‘G’ to get to me and then got the foam block stuck around his waist–Pooh Bear style! Priceless.

After the Mommy rescue, Logan has to rescue silly Daddy who obviously hadn’t paid any attention to when Mommy got stuck in the house.

But in the end, Logan’s favorite thing to do with the foam block house is destroy. Even so, I’m pleased to say that these blocks take a licking and keep on ticking. They have been chewed on, drooled on, smashed, pulled, pushed, and they still look like we just pulled them out of the box. 
All letters and numbers pop out of foam mat, so they can be used like puzzle pieces. It’s a great way to learn your alphabet and numbers 1-9. I highly recommend this product!
Well Sell Mats’ Foam Mats are non-toxic, BPA free, and lead free.  
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