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If you follow me on Instagram, then I’d say you’re pretty aprised of what’s going on in our lives, but if you’re reading the blog lately you know I’ve been focused and very passionate about sharing amazing products for kids and parents. Through pure chance, I’ve had a lighter week so far and maybe because potty training finally seems to be going well (NO ACCIDENTS TODAY!!), I thought I’d sit down and write up a bit about what’s going on in our world.

As I imagine all of you know, we had a baby back in April. Now that it’s July, I have to say it feels like she’s always been with us. With the birth of each of our children, I’ve always had this incredible feeling of completeness. They’re the piece of you that was missing, but you didn’t even know it.

With that said, getting used to being 4, not 3, and a SAHM to 2 not 1 was a heck of an adjustment. I’m still not 100% convinced I’ve got it down, but my bedtime level is definitely approaching mastery. Oh! If you have a new baby, and this baby is feed, changed, burped, warm, & still won’t go to sleep, you HAVE to try this app on Android called Baby Sleep. I swear by it. This app helped me stop limping along through bedtimes by myself where I laid with the toddler because he needed affection to fall asleep while the baby screamed bloody murder on top of us and instead gave me the feeling of having my stuff together. We use it on vaccum and that white noise gets baby girl to stop crying 99% of the time. If every other one of her needs has been met and she’s just overtired this app will always help me put her to sleep. Always.

Switching gears from the babes to the hubs, my wonderful man got a promotion right around the time baby girl was born. So, when his paternity leave was up, we were thrown into a new kind of chaos. I was learning the ropes here at home and he was learning the ropes in his new gig as manager. He’s completely killing it, though. Most days he works so hard and long that I barely see that man, but his sacifices don’t go unnoticed. I appreciate how hard he strives to provide for us, and I take pride in him taking pride in his work.

And for me, I’m just balancing being mom with being a blogger. I’m branching out more into fashion with a cause and really enjoying promoting clothing from small businesses. I’m also apart of a 10 week Mighty Mamas Series along with nine other mom bloggers put together and hosted by Little & Mighty. We’re only in week two, so you should definitely check it out. It’s all about moms supporting moms and our answers make for quick, thought-provoking reads to fuel your busy day. I guess you could also say that I’ve gotten more involved in promoting postpartum awareness and trying to do my part to stop censoring motherhood. I’m extremely honest about my postpartum recovery even going so far as to share pictures of my postpartum body. I find so much reward in this when other mamas tell me I’ve helped them feel more confident about their own bodies. I am also already trying to figure out what I’m wearing to Latch On SA, besides a BayBee Boutique necklace obviously, and desperately hoping to snag a breastfeeding mini shoot! I cannot wait to go with my newest latchling!

But honestly, other than that, we’re just living life and taking things as they come. The hubs and I are trying to reclaim some of our pre-babes romance with date nights–in & out of the house. I’m attempting to teach little man yoga and how to use the potty. Basically, we’re just enjoying spending time together. Our new normal is pretty darn fantastic and I’m loving life!




Lots of love to you & yours!



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