What’s the deal with Dealspotr?

*I was asked to speak about my personal experience with Dealspotr, but as always all opinions are my own. Also, the link is my personal referral code, and I’d love to see you all on Dealspotr!*

Dealspotr is super cool, but you may find yourself wondering where do I begin?

I know that I felt this way when I was invited to try Dealspotr as an influencer.

I set up my profile and starting browsing around only to not be entirely sure what I was doing or trying to accomplish. This isn’t to say that Dealspotr isn’t user-friendly, because it really is, it’s just that the site is completely different (in a good way) from other sites like this that I had used previously.

What I have learned in the few months of using Dealspotr is that is an awesome tool for saving yourself some bucks and also for earning gift cards just for actively participating in the site.

The best part is you’re not coming across EXPIRED codes over and over again. Plus, you’re not PAYING to use the codes either. I’m not a huge couponer, but I can’t deny that I’ve really enjoyed posting deals to Dealspotr for others to enjoy and that I’ve found some truly killer codes to use myself. This is especially easy as Dealspotr allows you to subscribe to the brands you want to see! No more needle in a haystack searching for what you need. Just follow along and you’ll get what you need. For instance, I’m all over Carter’s deals for my littles. The savings can be HUGE if you find those codes.

So, you know those emails you get on the regular advertising exclusive 2-day only coupon codes? Take that info and post it on Dealspotr! You might not want to use the code yourself, but I guarantee there is someone out there hunting for a code to that store and you’re doing them a solid. Not to mention, earning points towards your first (of many) gift cards in the process!

Another way to earn points is to validate deals other users have posted. It’s basically a way of saying, “Hey, I saw/used this code myself, and it’s completely legit.”

When you log in to Dealspotr, it will look like this:

To earn your daily points, click on the orange check mark box at the top to view your daily checklist. As you complete tasks, it will cross them off, and when you’re finished you’ll earn your points, which go towards gift cards.

This is also the perfect time to post deals you’ve seen in your email. If the deal you’re posting is already on Dealspotr, you can chose to instead Validate that deal. This helps others know the deal is still working. See step-by-step instructions below.

First, go to Post a Deal:

From there, enter the company you’d like to post about:

When you see the company you want, select it.

Then it will ask you about the deal. It’s possible the deal is already on Dealspotr, and if it is, you will be validating the deal instead of posting a new one. This does two things. One, it keeps there from being repeats/over-saturation. Two, it helps to confirm for other users that this particular deal is, in fact, working and valid.

So, when you see ‘potential duplicates’ validate the one that matches the deal you were trying to post.

When you’re done validating and adding your screenshot, hit submit validation:

You will then see this page:


What I like to do after validating a deal is share it because the more people who see it the better! I do a lot of sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

Finally, as you complete your daily checklist, your tasks will cross off. Notice I’m 25% done and I’m working towards a points bonus of 200. This point bonus is completely doable every single day and you’ll be surprised how quickly your points add up!

I honestly have been surprised by how much I like Dealspotr. Posting a deal is quick and easy, especially once you get the hang of the site. I typically post from my phone, so screenshotting the deal takes just a few seconds to do. Dealspotr has also given me a great way to actually utilize the gajillon subscriber emails I receive each day. I’m definitely not using them day in and day out, but others have benefited from codes, promos, deals, & even personal codes I’ve shared, and that feels awesome! In fact, I’ve used it to promote some of the smaller fabulous businesses I shop at and work with. This gets them BIG exposure they might not otherwise have. So, you can do a ton with this site. Make it your own. Post and validate what you love. Others will too!

Y’all, I love it enough to keep their widget on my blog in the hopes that other influencers will join, too! So, sign up and start saving & earning, today! There’s nothing holding back now that your know how to navigate the site!

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