When My Husband is Good…


Okay, seriously, he gets one when he begs enough. Yes, I’m a terrible wife. Maybe not terrible. What’s that word? Tired. I’m a tired wife who loves her husband and has been really making an effort to pamper my hard-working hubby.

I also am making an effort to learn more about our new essential oils for dōTERRA courtesy of The Semi Crunchy Mama (Don’t forget to click on the link below to enter the GIVEAWAY).

So, win-win. 

How We Use dōTERRA’s Deep Blue:

1.) Start by placing some coconut oil in your hands and working it in-between until completely melted. 

2.) Then put 2 drops of deep blue into the palm of one of your hands. I make Eric do this since my hands are covered in coconut oil. Then quickly mix it altogether.

3.) Rub the oil all over back, neck, and shoulders. Eric says it has a menthol type of tingling sensation that feels wonderful.

4.) Finally, really try to massage out any of the tension spots. My hubby carries a lot of stress in his neck/shoulders, so I focus on those areas.

I highly recommend giving it a try! Not only does it feel great, but the oils are also good for the skin.


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