Why I’m Pro Vaccination

I never gave much thought to vaccination, not until I had my own child to vaccinate. But, once he was born, I knew I would do whatever it takes to protect him. For me, this means making sure he gets his vaccinations–all of them and on time. I am a super duper crunchy mom. I’m a cloth diaper convert. I have been buying only organic or local for years. But in this one respect, I guess, you can call me mainstream. I believe in shots. I believe that shots have helped lesson childhood diseases that kill. I never got to know my uncle, he died before two years of age from polio. My Nanny had to watch her beautiful son waste away. He was on an iron lung at the end and I don’t think any parent should ever have to go through this. Especially if the illness is something that can be prevented. So, I choose to practice preventative medicine. I choose vaccinations for my son.

I know that many have been led to believe that vaccinations will cause autism. I don’t believe this. In fact, I worked as a teacher with autistic students when this article blew up. I think it should be known that the doctor who wrote it hadn’t done trials properly, lacked evidence, and finally lost his license over this article. I think it’s terrible that he brought this to light without merit. Trust me, after working with autistic children, I understand how hard life is for them and for their parents. If I thought for one minute that vaccinating Logan would cause him to be autistic, I wouldn’t do it. 
I’m sure that most children that don’t get vaccinated do just fine. I’m just as sure that many of these childhood illness don’t always end up fatal, but some do. And for my money, I wouldn’t want to be in that latter category. 
Because I believe in vaccinations so much, I go to a pediatrician that doesn’t treat unvaccinated children. And I understand that it is a parent’s personal choice and right whether to vaccinate or not, but this is my choice. This is my plea, don’t let an illness that we’ve almost eradicated come back and kill more children. When we have the science, the medicine, and the knowledge, please don’t let something preventable end in a child’s death.
This crunchy pro vaccinations mama is signing off.

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