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Y’all, I love Back-to-School (BTS)! Growing up it was always a favorite time of mine. There’s something magical about summer heat coming to an end, leaves changing (as much as they will here in Texas), the temperature cooling down, gearing up for school shopping, and getting to see your friends again. I know I always looked forward to shopping with my mom and starting the new school year. Yes, I was a bit of a nerd, so I can say with all certainty that I can’t wait to experience the Back-to-School rush with Logan. However he’s too little to be going off to school, so that excitement will have to wait a few years. But, BTS goodies made their way to me even when I wasn’t expecting them! Wild Dill is an online store that carries all manner of amazing quality and even more amazingly priced merchandize. If you’re looking to be the green friendly-hippie mama as you send your little one BTS, I’m positive that Wild Dill has something for you!

I’m always on the look-out for organic clothing and toys for Logan. The main reason for this is because stores that carry these types of products are either very rare, very expensive, or both. Wild Dill is a one in a million find with AFFORDABLE adorable organic cotton clothing for babies and toddlers, organic/natural art supplies, toys, dishware, sleepwear, all manner of wooden toys and much, much more. I’m so hooked. In fact, I’m shopping for Logan right now– organic footsie pajamas, don’t mind if I do.

The owner of Wild Dill, Tina, inherited the store in 2014 from it’s original creator and has worked hard to hold up the qualities that shaped the store in the beginning such as ethical children’s clothing. Wild Dill believes in supplying items for children that are organic, fair-trade, and natural. In addition, Tina makes a point of buying USA made, which is wonderful!  If you purchase from Wild Dill, you can feel confident that what you’re buying for your child is the best quality around.

Tina kindly sent Logan an organic cotton long-sleeve t-shirt in size 24 months. I’m so excited to use it this fall as it’s red and orange, so it’s the perfect color scheme for the changing season! One of my favorite features of the shirt is the snaps at the shoulder. Even though Logan is walking and completely capable of pulling a shirt over his head, he hates the feeling of it. This makes putting shirts on a constant battle–him being such a strong-willed toddler and all. I find that the shirts that have shoulder snaps are MUCH easier to get on him. It must be because of the roomier neck hole. It doesn’t give him the claustrophobic feeling.

In addition to the lovely shirt, Tina also sent The World of Eric Carle stickers. They are absolutely adorable and match our caterpillar stuffed animal and board book perfectly! If you can’t tell, the stickers were a wonderful surprise because we are diehard fans of Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar in this house! Plus, stickers are a perfect activity for my messy toddler. It gives him something to play with that won’t end up with crayons colored on my walls or eco-dough in my carpet. Not too mention, the vivid colors capture Logan’s attention and the process of sticking them to a piece of paper is great for his fine motor!

Head over to Wild Dill’s website to find your own fabulous toys and clothing! Don’t forget to check out their BTS section!
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