Wooly Booly Designs Cloth Wipes Review

**Wooly Booly Designs was kind enough to send these wipes to me for review, but all opinions expressed here are my own.**

I received these amazing cloth wipes last week from Wooly Booly Designs, another awesome WAHM! I ordered 10 to try, but I’m already thinking I need at least another set of 10. The size is great for taking on the go. They’re big enough to get the job done (moms you know what I mean), but still small enough to be travel size. I’m absolutely going to be placing them in our diaper bag.

These cloth wipes are made from the softest double layer flannel and finished with serged edges. They’ve already made it through one wash cycle and still look this great, so I’m super pleased with the quality.

They are very absorbent! Logan tested them extra hard because he has had some crazy poops since we got them. But it only takes 2 to get him clean. Wonderful! My favorite use for them is for cleaning up pee. I use one side to wipe him down and the other to pat him dry. It’s a perfect solution. Before I switched to cloth wipes, I kind of had to let him air dry before putting on another diaper. I mean, who wants their private area to be damp? But now, I can dry him off with our cloth wipes!

Wooly Booly Designs can be found on Facebook. In addition to making cloth wipes custom to order, she also makes wool dryer balls (these can be scented), swiffer style dry mopping pads (great for a reusable alternative to wet wipes), and cloth diaper inserts. Visit her page to check out her products, place an order, and give her page a little like! If you have any questions, send her a message. She is super helpful and a pleasure to chat with.

Wooly Booly Designs is also apart of a great giveaway that’s currently going on. Follow this link to go enter for your chance to win!

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