Yes, I’m still breastfeeding

While this year’s World Breast Feeding Week has come to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the last 4 years I’ve spent as a mother. Breastfeeding has been such a huge part of that.

I started breastfeeding in June 2013 when our first baby was born. The bond was incredible and while it wasn’t always the easiest journey (more about that here & here), our breastfeeding relationship lasted 26 months just in time to share our very last Latch On SA together. I’m unbelievable proud of that.

It was a serious struggle to let go of that relationship, and quite a few tears were shed, but while pregnant with our daughter, I found I could no longer sustain the breastfeeding relationship with our son. My hats off to all the tandem nursing mamas out there — you’re the real MVP!

So, I took a short break from Oct 2015-April 2016 when little miss made her debut. I was much more experienced this time around and ready to breastfeed. She was a great eater and breastfeeding once again came easily to me. It was honestly a relief because one child breastfeeding well doesn’t necessarily mean success with future children.

In the early days, we struggled with the typical issues ALL moms struggle with; engorgement, nipple sensitivity, & tenderness. Those went away quickly enough. Then came the milk protein intolerance and to continue breastfeeding, I once again said goodbye to my beloved cheese. Haha Seriously though, I only give up cheese for my children. In this case, I was so lucky that we already knew the signs to look for because of our experience with our son, so I went off dairy immediately and the colicky symptoms went away quickly.

The rest of our breastfeeding journey has been relatively uneventful save a quick and very painful bout with Mastitis, but I honestly can’t complain. Breastfeeding baby girl has been just as beautiful and rewarding as breastfeeding our son. Aren’t these images stunning? My friend, and super talented photographer, Kaitlyn Scruggs captured them for me. I have loved sharing them and looking back on them. Baby girl has changed so much in a years time.

In fact, there is a confidence you find in breastfeeding a second that you might’ve not had the first time around. It’s lovely to feel like you actually know what you’re doing and to not give a D-A-M-N about feeding your kid anywhere and anytime you need to.

Probably why I love celebrating at Latch On SA so much (2016 & 2017)!

Baby girl is still nursing at 16 months and I’m not sure how long we’ll continue, but I’m happy to have our breastfeeding journey come to a natural end whenever it’s time. For now she still needs me, and I’ll admit, it feels really good to be needed.

Make your own breastfeeding tree of life art!

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  1. First, I love that you have professional photos taken while you’re breastfeeding. I NEEEEED that before Remy Bea weans. Second, WOOO HOOOO for extended breastfeeding!!

  2. Where do I LOVE this post?! All the photos are so beautiful! <3 You're an amazing mama! Your baby is so blessed. And I'm a huge fan of those bead necklaces. My hubby and I saw them at a vendor market recently and were like, if we had another one … lol! We'd totally get some! 😀

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